Episode by Tracey Morait

I was pleasantly surprised how the author turned an affliction into a super hero power. “Episode,” by Tracey Morait gives the reader a glimpse at what it means to have epilepsy, but instead of writing the story about how hard this can be for someone’s day-to-day life, the author creates this world where it is a gift and not a curse.

Goalden Girl by Tracey Morait

Goalden Girl Tracey Morait LuLu.com (2007) ISBN 9781847997586 Reviewed by Anne Marie Medema (age 12) for Reader Views (4/08) Tracey Morait is a talented author who writes mysteries and suspense novels for young readers.  In her book “Goalden Girl,” Tracey Morait winds in mystery, excitement and sports to tell the story to the reader.  Tracey [...]

Abbie’s Rival by Tracey Morait

Abbie’s Rival Tracey Morait K&T Mitchell (2008) ISBN 9780955855009 Reviewed by Katie Malone (age 11) for Reader Views (6/09) “Abbie’s Rival” by Tracey Morait is a really good book with a lot of detail in the plot. I think that the message in the story is that life has its up and downs but in [...]