I Know When You’re Going to Die by Michael J. Bowler

Michael J. Bowler’s “I Know When You’re Going To Die” follows sixteen-year-old Leonardo Cantrell. One night, while volunteering at a local homeless shelter, Leo has a mysterious encounter with one of the shelter’s residents that will change his life forever.

“Warrior Kids: A Tale of New Camelot” by Michael J. Bowler

WARRIOR KIDS: A TALE OF NEW CAMELOT Michael J. Bowler CreateSpace (2015) ISBN 9781517398378 Reviewed by Faryal Jabbar (age 14) for Reader Views (2/16) Michael J. Bowler’s “Warrior Kids: A Tale of New Camelot” is unlike anything I have ever seen or read. Honestly, I did not have high expectations of what I thought was [...]

Spinner by Michael J. Bowler

SPINNER Michael J. Bowler CreateSpace (2015) ISBN 9781511943086 Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 13) for Reader Views (09/15) “Spinner” by Michael J. Bowler is a book about Alex, a teenager with spina bifida and learning disabilities. Alex has a power called “spinning” which allows him to take emotions and injuries away from people. After Alex’s [...]