“Dickensen Academy” by Christine Grabowski

DICKENSEN ACADEMY Christine Grabowski Wild Rose Press, Inc. (2018) ISBN 9781509221233 Reviewed by Autumn Stout (age 13) for Reader Views Kids (8/18) “Dickensen Academy” by Christine Grabowski is a story that keeps you wondering if what you are reading is part of a dream or actually real? Autumn Mattison is your average 15-year-old who is about to […]

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“War World” by Rod C. Spence

WAR WORLD Rod C. Spence Gallant Press (2017) ISBN 9780999087916 Reviewed by Mason (age 15) for Reader Views Kids (7/18) Six teenagers sent 2.4 million light years from earth. An expedition of the world’s brightest biotech scientists missing on another planet. An alien army controlled by a powerful wizard called The Shadow Lord. Prehistoric creatures sent on […]

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“The Covens of Elmeeria” by Miguel Lopez de Leon

THE COVENS OF ELMEERIA Miguel Lopez de Leon Galadria Worldwide (2017) ISBN 9780692832837 Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 15) for Reader Views (9/17) “The Covens of Elmeeria” by Miguel Lopez de Leon is about eighteen-year-old Nia Roo, crown princess to the majestic kingdom of Elmeeria. Nia has led a sheltered life, loved by the people and with […]

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