“Zoom In, Zoom Out” by Amy Leask

ZoomInZoomOut2018 FinalZOOM IN, ZOOM OUT

Amy Leask
Red T Media (2017)
ISBN 9781927425206
Reviewed by Russ Cramer (age 5) for Reader Views Kids (12/17)

“Zoom In, Zoom Out” by Amy Leask is about two friends who had a great plan to zoom in and zoom out to find out what was in the pictures of something that belongs behind the picture. The friends talk about each picture and they learn that their brain helps them think about what’s behind the picture (the bigger picture).

What did I like about the book? I really liked the cheese pizza and chocolate chip cookie, because I love cheese pizza in real life.  It’s my favorite! I liked that it had a zebra, a big brain, and a big camera head with a big bow. I really liked looking at small pictures and then seeing what it was in the big picture frame.

What did I not like about the book? I did not like that there was a toy tractor. I also don’t like how short it was. I wish it was much, much bigger. I also wish the book was pizza.

I thought the art was amazing because it had lots of good stuff and only a little bit of bad stuff. The giant eyeball looked a little creepy, but I did like the eyeball better than the camera.

I recommend “Zoom In, Zoom Out” by Amy Leask to other kids so they could learn about the cheese pizza.

Parent’s Note

Russ really liked this book. When I asked him if he liked the book, he said he wanted it to be “this big” and he stretched out his hands about a foot. We made a game of guessing what each of the pictures was and he did not get bored. He did say he wanted to see zoomed in pictures of lots of different types of pizza (from pepperoni to strawberry). Overall, I think this is a great concept for a book and makes for a great game.

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