“Rocket-Bye” by Carole P. Roman


Carole P. Roman
CreateSpace (2016)
ISBN 9781530243372
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 9) for Reader Views (01/17)

“Rocket-Bye” by Carole P. Roman, invites you to fly far where only a rocket can take you, showing and exploring the skies with all it has. You will wonder from above how small everything is down on Earth, how close and friendly our constellations look and how bright the stars are, shining and lighting the way on the trip to all the planets.

I like that it not only is a fun journey to the skies but also teaches about the planets. I am sure more than one pirate will love to ride this rocket and have very close look at what it is untouchable.

I love the rhyming and the beautiful illustrations. Her poem will open the imagination to all kids on a wonderful journey to far away wonders.

“Rocket-Bye” by Carole P. Roman is a great book!

A Note from Paola’s Mom:

As usual, Paola loves Carole Roman’s stories. This one is quite special because we both love the mystery of the skies, and how beautiful and far our imagination will take to us–into our deepest sleep.

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