“Spinning Circles: Action Poems” by Raven Howell


Raven Howell
Bookstand Publishing (2016)
ISBN 9781634982856
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views (04/16)

“Spinning Circles: Action Poems” by Raven Howell it is a very fun group of poems. I like how the titles of each one of the poems are all the activities that we love and do every day. I love to be a leader so “Follow the Leader” is my favorite poem. I almost have it memorized, so I can play it with my friends.

What I most like is that the author created these fun poems from our favorite things: games and songs, to do until we go “Off to Bed,” and wrote them with very nice rhyming. I like all the illustrations and the size of the book. It is easy to hold when I read it to others and have to show the pictures.

I love this book and recommend it for all ages. It is full of action poems that as kids, we will enjoy and have even more fun in what we do.

A note from Mom:

As a parent, I really loved these poems, and I especially enjoyed seeing how entertained it kept Paola. She even took the book to school to share with her classmates and to read it to younger kids.

It is a wonderful collection of poems based on all the activities surrounding a kids daily routine, like playing, sharing with grandpa, finger painting, hide and seek, bath time, and answers a question that kids always have – “What should we do today?”

“Spinning Circles: Action Poems” by Raven Howell It is truly a fun and lovely rhyming book of poems.

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