Lulu and the Witch Baby by Jane O’Connor


Jane O’Connor
HarperCollins (2014)
ISBN 9780062305169
Reviewed by Eliana Summers (age 4), Alyvia Summers (age 5), and Mom for Reader Views (2/15)

“Lulu and the Witch Baby” by Jane O’ Connor is a great early reader book. Poor Lulu has a bit of a problem, and that problem involves her little sister, Witch Baby. When Witch Baby is around no one seems to have time for Lulu, or even notice her for that matter! On top of that, whenever Witch Baby does something bad she doesn’t get in trouble for it like Lulu does. Instead everyone just brushes it off with the reply “She’s just a baby.”  Well Lulu has just about had it with this “she’s just a baby” nonsense and decides to create a spell to make Witch Baby disappear for good! But the spell actually works, and it is then Lulu realizes that maybe having Witch Baby around wasn’t as bad as she thought. Is it too late for Lulu to fix everything?

“Lulu and the Witch Baby” by Jane O’Connor is a perfect story to get early readers interested in reading. All kids with siblings themselves will understand how Lulu feels towards her younger sister, and that sometimes those feelings can make us say and do things we don’t actually mean. In the end we always come to realize that they are in fact, just babies. The story had easy to sound out words and is a story that will help children prepare for reading larger sentences and words on their own. We will be adding this to our home school library, and look forward to many more adventures with Lulu.

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