Buster Tells It All (Stories from Pony Creek Ranch) By Carolyn Berry

Buster Tells It All (Stories from Pony Creek Ranch)
Carolyn Berry
Brown Books Publishing Group (2011)
ISBN 9781612540115
Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 7) and Nana for Reader Views (11/11)

On the Pony Creek Ranch there are many animals that came from around the world and are watched by Buster, the head dog. Many of the animals are endangered species and have to have special care. Some of the animals, like Baby, a white-tailed deer, came from the Humane Society which rescues animals. Through Buster children will meet some of the more unusual animals and learn how they were raised at Pony Creek Ranch. “Buster Tells It All” contains colorful pictures and large, easy-to-read print.


I liked reading this book as I have a dog named Pike and he thinks he is the head dog too, but really he is scared of cats. The pictures were very bright and I had the chance to learn about Ibex’s and Dama Gazelle’s. I would like to be an animal vet when I grow up so this really gave more ideas about how to care for animals. In the back of the book they had facts on the Nubian Ibex and white-tailed deer.


“Buster Tells It All” was very informative for Zoey as it showed her how an animal reserve worked when taking care of abandoned or sick animals. You can tell that the author and her family love doing this job and educating children about animals.

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