Tween You and Me By Deb Dunham

Tween You and Me
Deb Dunham
Empowered Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9780982051856
Reviewed by Tisha Dundee (10) for Reader Views (02/10)

I really liked this book!  Deb Dunham, in “Tween You and Me” gives us information on how our bodies change when we are growing up.  She also talks about how our moods change and how we sometimes may feel.  I’m sometimes feeling the things she talks about and it’s good to know it is normal.

The best part I liked of the book are the quotations I can say to myself when I’m feeling down.  They are positive and I feel the change when I say them.  I sometimes have to say them many times to really feel what I am saying.

I read some of the chapters twice so I could really understand.  Ms Dundee writes the way we could understand but sometimes I needed to read it again.  Many times I knew what she was saying but I wanted to know how I could change to make myself feel better.  Reading the pages again made me think about myself.

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