A Little Sweet Tea by Christina Bynum Breaux

A Little Sweet Tea
Christina Bynum Breaux
Harvest House (2010)
ISBN 9780736929141
Reviewed by Madison (age 4) and Hailey (age 2) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (06/


“Please dear friend, please come to tea. We’ll sip and giggle just you and me.” 

This adorable teas story has amazing photographical pages that will capture any little girl’s
attention. The story is simple, the book is short, and the pictures are captivating. My daughters loved it! I would recommend this to any of my friends with a little girl ages five and under. Here is what my daughters had to say:


“Oh! So cute!” Read it to me too! They are dressed like princesses and having tea! This
book is great mommy! Other little girls might like it. I liked the pictures, they are the best.


“Oh, so cute, me read it.” We read it. “My read it, sit in your lap and read it!” She sat on
my lap and read what she thoughts were the words while turning the pages and taking in the photographs. When done she said, “Mommy read it again.” On the last page she said “Eww” to the kiss.

We highly recommend “A Little Sweet Tea” by Christina Bynum Breaux.

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