Vocabulary Power Grade 3 by Audrey Carangelo

Vocabulary Power Grade 3
Audrey Carangelo
Play Bac Publishing (2007)
ISBN 9781602140059
Reviewed by Gabriel Peralta (age 9) for Reader Views (5/08)


This book helped me to learn new vocabulary words, but it wasn’t boring. I like learning new words.  I like it because it shows me how to pronounce the word and then it tells me the meaning.  I try to guess the meaning before I read it.  We also played games with my brothers; we would take turns going through each vocabulary word to see if we knew the meaning.  If we knew the meaning, we got a point.  The first one to get five points won. This book made learning fun.

Parent’s Note:
This user-friendly book is good for parents who are home-schooling or for anyone wanting to provide extra help to their child.  The spiral binding and stand-up format makes the book easy to handle, because it rests easily on any tabletop.  If you make learning the words into a game, the kids really enjoy themselves.  I highly recommend “Vocabulary Power Grade 3.”


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