The Four Little Children: A Likely Story by Larry Michalove

The Four Little Children: A Likely Story
Larry Michalove
iUniverse (2005)
ISBN 9780595347995
Reviewed by Mathew Feliciano (age 8) for Reader Views (3/08)


The story “The Four Little Children” is about four siblings named Lisa, David, Stacy and Karen.  They go on wild adventures with their imaginary friend Ramor.  Ramor takes the children on the coolest adventures ever!!

Ramor was going to take care of the children since their father was at war.  Every day he takes the children on a new adventure.  The first adventure was over the Pacific Ocean and into a secret cave where they found a pirate ship.  All of the pirates were trying to find somewhere to bury their treasure. After the pirates buried their treasure, they went to a hidden city beyond the cave and all of the pirate children ran to come and greet Lisa, David, Stacy and Karen. Some of the other adventures the children went on were being in the circus, going to the North Pole and learning how to drive a dog-lead sled, and riding on a polar bear.

Reading this book was like doing all of the things the children did right along with them.  It was easy to imagine myself being there and having the same experience and doing the same thing.  “The Four Little Children” was a lot of fun to read and was like being in another world.

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