Papa and Me by Arthur Dorros

Papa and Me
Arthur Dorros
Rayo (2008)
ISBN 9780060581565
Reviewed by Cayden (age 4) and Max (age 2) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (6/08)


“Papa and Me” shows the close relationship between a father and a son.  The story follows them throughout their day from waking up and making pancakes together, to drawing pictures in the sand, to racing home.  The book is mainly written in English with a Spanish word or phrase peppered in here and there.

Cayden:  “Buenos dias means good morning.  That is what Dora says!”

Max:  “Good morning!”

Cayden:  “I don’t like eggs.  I would pick pancakes too.  Pancakes are like waffles.  I don’t like syrup though!”

Max:  “Splash!”

Cayden:  “Max splashes in puddles all of the time.  Sometimes I do but not a lot.”

Cayden:  “I liked learning some new Spanish words!”

Cayden:  “My favorite part of the book was when they were flipping the pancakes up in the air.  That looked fun!”

Parent’s comments:
“Papa and Me” is a book that illustrates the magic of the relationship between a Hispanic father and his son.  My children enjoyed reading about all of the fun things that they did together.  Cayden especially enjoyed the use of the Spanish words and phrases that were in the story.  He liked to repeat them after I read them and discuss what they meant.

The illustrations in the book are a little more on the abstract side and appealed more to my 4-year-old than my 2-year-old.  Max really did not show much interest in looking at them at all but he did enjoy the storyline.  “Papa and Me” is a great book exploring a close father/son relationship!

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