My Freaky Family by Kim Schaedler

My Freaky Family
Kim Schaedler
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2007)
ISBN 9781432706173
Reviewed by Conner (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (4/08)


“My Freaky Family” introduces us to all the family members using alliterative descriptions.

“That was a short story.”

“What did you think of it?”
“I like it and that’s it.”

“Is your family freaky?”
“No. Read it again Mommy, it’s not very long.”

“Mommy, why are the flowers growing in there {the mud pie)? That won’t be good. I’ll cough at that.”

“I like the sister in salad dressing, mommy, and that’s it.”

Parent’s comment:
The repetition of certain sounds or letters at the beginning of words is a fun way to get a child interested in words and making phrases, though at my son’s age (4), he is still interested in content and the pictures. So a lot of the lessons in writing or word emphasis pass over his head.  But “My Freaky Family” can be a tool to extend out the phrases about other family members and their follies.

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