Monster Hug! by David Ezra Stein (illustrator)

Monster Hug!
David Ezra Stein (illustrator)
Penguin Young Readers Group (2007)
ISBN 9780399246371
Reviewed by Conner (age 4) and Mom for Reader Views (5/08)

This is an illustrated story that needs few words to explain the day in the life of two monsters at play.

“This is a MONSTER HUG! [4 year-old demonstrating a large hug]”

“Did you understand what the monsters were doing just from the pictures?”

“Yes, they were smashing everything!”

“Do you know that these were children monsters when we read the story?”
“No, because they were so big. I do like the story because it’s silly. There are no monsters anywhere because the monsters are … you know, not real.”

“Did you know that monsters had bedtimes?”

“No and I don’t think they want to go to bed. I like to see them sleeping.”

“Why are the mommy and daddy sleeping?”

“Because it’s not their bedtime.”

Parent’s comment:
“Monster Hug!” is a very expressive book that needs few words to communicate the action. The two monster friends remind me very much of how my son plays with his best buds that I can’t help but laugh throughout the book. Because the message is relayed through the pictures, it is a good story for any language.

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