Mickey Mantle: Rookie in Pinstripes by Fred Glueckstein

Mickey Mantle: Rookie in Pinstripes
Fred Glueckstein
iUniverse (2008)
ISBN 9780595469215
Reviewed by Osvaldo Peralta (age 13) for Reader Views (11/08)

Most people know Mickey Mantle as a good-hearted baseball player, but Mickey Mantle was more than that.  Mickey Mantle loved to play baseball from a very young age, but he also played other sports like basketball and football.  During his high school years, he played on the basketball team.  He was an excellent player.  He also played football.  During one of his football games, he had an accident.  When he was taken to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a bone disease called Osteomyelitis- an infection of the bone or bone marrow.  This caused him many problems during his life, but it did not stop him from becoming a great baseball player.  Mickey started playing baseball with the New York Yankees on April 17, 1951.  He had a wonderful career.

I enjoyed “Mickey Mantle: Rookie in Pinstripes” by Fred Glueckstein.  It provides lots of interesting information and details about Mickey Mantle.

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