Luck of the Draw by Diana Tuorto

Luck of the Draw
Diana Tuorto
BookSurge (2008)
ISBN 9781439203637
Reviewed by Brianne Plach (age 11) for Reader Views (11/08)

Have you ever entered a race and come in close to last place? Lucky is not very lucky when it comes to racing. His mother only raced in one race in her career. Surely there is a way he can be useful, but not in racing. Jumping high scares him. He tries to be successful but it does not work out for him. He finally finds what he has been searching for – like a wish come true!

What he finds is more than just a gold trophy and honor. This is a book all horse lovers would really enjoy. Even if your only exposure is the Kentucky Derby or just watching horses when you get a chance. You will find yourself hoping Lucky will be on top of the horse world.

I really love and enjoyed this book because I like horses. I went to Kentucky just on a vacation and remembered some of locations mentioned in this book. “Luck of the Draw” by Diana Tuorto is sure to be in the Winners Circle of Books of 2008!

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