Kersplatypus by Susan K. Mitchell

Susan K. Mitchell
Sylvan Dell Publishing (2008)
ISBN 9781934359075
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 6) for Reader Views (12/08)

“Kersplatypus” by Susan K. Mitchell is a about a little lost animal who is trying to find out what he is and where he belongs.  Brushtail Possum, Kookaburra, Wallaby, and Old Bandicoot all try to help him.  Kookaburra says he should fly, Brushtail Possum says he should climb; Wallaby says he should bounce, but each time he tries to do these things he falls flat on his face.  Kersplat!  Blue Tongued Skink makes fun of him and teases him but when he finds out that the lost creature is a platypus and lives in the water, he tumbles into the water and discovers what it is like to fall flat.

This book will teach people a lot about animals from Australia.  I learned about unusual mammals like marsupials and monotremes.  There are even some activities about animals in the back of the book.  I really like the pictures because they were funny and kind of realistic.

I would recommend “Kersplatypus” by Susan K. Mitchell to people who like animals.

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