It’s Christmas! (I Can Read Book 3) by Jack Prelutsky

It’s Christmas! (I Can Read Book 3)
Jack Prelutsky
Greenwillow (2008)
ISBN 9780060537067
Reviewed by Evan Weldon (age 6) for Reader Views (8/08)

“It’s Christmas!” by Jack Prelutsky is a collection of twelve funny poems about Christmas.  My favorite poem was “My Christmas Pup” which is about a girl who got a very cute puppy for Christmas.  I thought it was very funny that the puppy made a puddle and she had to wipe it up.  I also really like the poem “Aunt Flo” which is about a kid who has gotten underwear for three years in a row.  How sad (and funny)!  I also really liked “Our Christmas Tree” which is about a girl and her dad who go out to cut down a Christmas tree.  When they finally found a tree and chopped it down, it knocked the dad over and he “cut his nose and his thumb, sprained his shoulder, banged an elbow, scraped a knee.”  I could read the poems all by myself, and I laughed when I read them.

The illustrations were very good.  They were silly.  My little three-year-old brother liked counting all the Santas.

“It’s Christmas!” by Jack Prelutsky would make a good Christmas present.

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