“Animal Mash-Up” by Jean Kingston

Animal Mash-Up Jean Kingston Sword & Spoon Group (2018) ISBN 9781732019607 Reviewed by Eliana (8) Serenity (6) and Noelle (big sister) for Reader Views Kids (11/18) In “Animal Mash-Up” by Jean Kingston, all kinds of animals come to live together in the town of Farmville. For each animal, there is a special school dedicated just […]

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“The Gifts of Life” by Oliver Smuhar

The Gifts of Life Oliver Smuhar Mountain Blue Publishing (2018) ISBN 978648332008 Reviewed by Megan Weiss, Young Adult Reviewer for Reader Views (10/18) Oliver Smuhar’s “The Gifts of Life” takes readers on an otherworldly adventure.  Perry Caduca is the hero of the story.  After a devastating and fiery attack on their city during the year’s […]

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“Little Rosa” by Mr. E

LITTLE ROSA Mr. E Perky Penguin Press (2017) ISBN 9780578180465 Reviewed by Willow Cramer (age 8) for Reader Views Kids (1/18)   “Little Rosa” by Mr. E is about how Little Rosa keeps getting on the bus and to her surprise, the bus is always full of animals! The animals keep making her sit in the back […]

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