Anamnesis: The Further Adventures of Struth Digger

J. Wyant
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478715122
Reviewed by Natalie Summers (age 14) for Reader Views Kids (01/14)

“Anamnesis: The Further Adventures of Struth Digger” by J. Wyant is about two sisters, Salle and Anna Kate Limoux, who stay with their Uncle Jason and Aunt Jen while their parents are on a cruise. They love spending time with their cousin Bunkie as well as his neighbor across the street, Struth Digger, and this summer will not disappoint them with the prospect of a possible hidden treasure to find and a spooky old hospital to explore. The old Wagner Hospital has a mysterious past regarding a doctor whose wife went missing and was never found. This particular hospital was off limits to the children of Pocawa, a small town in New Orleans. The hospital was old, falling apart, and dangerous to anyone who entered. Until one day when 3 children chasing their dog ended up in the basement of the old Wagner Hospital, only to come upon a mysterious box and a great discovery.

I found “Anamnesis: The Further Adventures of Struth Digger”, to be a fast read with the promise of a new adventure in the up and coming sequel “Rubicon: A Struth Digger Further Adventure”. Some areas in the story were bogged down with too many descriptive words, and caused the reader to pause more than once in the story line. It is always good to have a clear picture of where the author is taking you in the story, but too many descriptive words can have an effect on how the story flows. I enjoyed the story, plot and conclusion and would recommend it to ages 10-16 as an easy read adventure type book. I look forward to seeing what the Author has in store for the reader in the “Rubicon”. 

“Anamnesis: The Further Adventures of Struth Digger” by J. Wyant has a lot of potential as an entertaining adventure novel, and the story line is an interesting read that keeps you hanging on, reaching for the next page to find out what happens next. 


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