A Day at the Lake

Stephanie Wallingford and Dawn Rynders
Scarletta Press (2013)
ISBN 9781938063039
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 6) for Reader Views (7/14)

A Day at the Lake by Stephanie Wallingford and Dawn Rynders is a story of two brothers, a sister and a dog that went to the lake to have a fun day. They all got their swimsuits and goggles and splashed into the water, even the puppy. Under the water they saw fish and they all wanted to be a fish.  They saw some bugs that could stand in the water and dance as well. They jumped in a rowboat and saw some frogs and tried to catch some dragonflies.  There was one dragonfly that was blue and was totally free. Then they were watching the different shapes of the waves, skinny ones, and fat ones and hearing the sound against the boat.  Even a bald eagle was spying on them, and followed a family of marching ducks.  They skipped some rocks across the lake and put the boat up and watched saw the sunset.  At the end of the day it was time to go and time to dream of the lovely and excited day at the lake. 

I loved “A Day at the Lake” by Stephanie Wallingford and Dawn Rynders.  It was a good story of the fun day to share outside and enjoy all around us. I loved it.

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