D’mok Revival: Retribution

Michael Zummo
Zummo Books, LLC (2014)
ISBN 9780989004428
Review by Arianna Violante (age 20) for Reader Views (2/15)

D’mok Revival: Retribution” by Michael Zummo is the second book of the Invasion trilogy. I didn’t read the first book, so I was a little apprehensive to pick up this one. I must say however that I am glad I did. Although I wished I had read the first one, the second book can be read as a standalone novel. The story begins when Mencari, the main character who survived the destruction of his space station in the first book of the series, discovers that he has super powers. He decides to join forces with another D’mok warrior and look for others like him to fight their enemy. But the horrible beasts are not the only things they have to worry about!

Zummo developed a complex plot by introducing another set of superior beings within the good guys-bad guys formula, which sparks the attention of the reader to look for the unpredictable within the increasing unique characters and their own stories, as they keep turning pages. I loved Zummo’s writing style and the unique array of characters with creative names for creatures and places that sounded somewhat Japanese. This made me picture everything like an anime movie in my mind. The complexity of the plot and quantity of characters, as well as the outer space setting makes for a not-so-easy read. The audience must pay attention to what they are reading to keep track of what is going on. Sci-Fi seasoned fans will certainly enjoy this fact. I did have to go back a couple of times in the beginning chapters to grasp the characters, but after that I was able to grasp the storyline and the flow came easily for me to the end. Other than the complexity level of the plot, I found Zummo’s style very easy to read. His descriptions and dialogue were vivid enough that I saw the book play as a movie in my mind.

Overall, "D’mok Revival: Retribution" by Michael Zummo is an awesome read for Sci-Fi fans, and although it does read as a standalone book, I do recommend to read the first book first. It is for sure worth reading the entire series, an action that I will definitely pursue myself! Certainly, a must read space saga!

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