Chefs Pima and Pico Puppy (AdoraPet)

YiShaun Yang
AdoraPet Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781936729043

Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age5) and Mom for Reader Views (2/12)

Pima and Pico Puppy become chefs! The Pima Puppy series has eight books in all, that aim to inspire and encourage children to read, play, and dream and discover.  Through Pima and Pico’s adventures children are introduced to a variety of activities and are enabled to discover more about them.  In “Chefs.” the puppies make dinner.  The children help by washing the lettuce and making the cookies. Children are introduced to the basics of cooking and encouraged to learn while being safe.  There are labels for “Parents only” activities that teach children kitchen safety.  Mixed within the pages is a fun recipe for children to try in their own home, right along with Pima and Pico Puppy.


“Pima and Pico bake cookies!  The kids were outside but they go inside because it smells good.  They make dinner and salad and noodles too.  Don’t forget the pasta sauce and stew!  They make Elephant Ear cookies with cinnamon sugar and dough.  I would like to make these!  I like it.”


Madison loves to bake.  She is a great help in the kitchen.  She knew when we read this book, which areas of the kitchen are for parents only.  My younger daughter doesn’t quite understand those facts yet, so it was great to reinforce “don’t touch the stove” with a book.  The book has hand drawn illustrations that are quite impressive.  I enjoyed the fun and interactive recipe included in the book.  “Chefs Pima and Pico Puppy” is short and while it’s fun, it doesn’t quite hold a candle to other books out there for parental purchasing options.  If your kids like the Pima collection, you’ll want to add this one; it’s just not our favorite.  I feel the other books in this set were more educational than this one.  It was pretty basic.


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