Ballerina Pima Puppy (AdoraPet)

YiShaun Yang
AdoraPet Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9781936729036

Reviewed by Hailey Schlarman (age 3) and Mom for Reader Views (2/12)

Pima Puppy takes ballet!  This is book two of eight books that inspire and encourage children to read, play, dream and discover.  Through Pima’s adventures children are introduced to a variety of activities and are enabled to discover more about them through Pima.  In “Ballerina Pima Puppy,” Pima takes the stage and dances the ballet.  Children are introduced to the five basic ballet positions and four commonly known ballet positions, such as the Pirouette and Arabesque.  The adventure starts with practice, flows through preparation and ends with a job well done.  Your little dancer is sure to fall in love with Pima puppy as she takes ballet!


“’Ballerina Pima Puppy’ is fun!  I like it.  They danced and danced and danced.  They wear tutus.  They put their stuff on; they wait and wait for their turn.  They peek out and smile.  They dance in the light. They dance pirouette.  Everyone claps!  I like to dance too!”


Hailey really does love to dance.  Of the Pima Puppy books we have read, this is most definitely her favorite.  She constantly asked which position was which and tried to mimic them.  While it’s short, the book is cute and educational.  I wouldn’t prefer to pay $5.95 for one tiny book, but would buy 2 or more for that price, as a set.  Hailey enjoyed the size of the book because it fit in her hands well.  Overall, “Ballerina Pima Puppy” was enjoyable and educational.   We certainly learned our ballet moves!


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