Astronaut Adventure: Pima and Pico Puppy (AdoraPet)

YiShaun Yang
AdoraPet Publishing (2011)
ISBN 9781936729029

Reviewed by Madison Schlarman (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (2/12)

Pima and Pico Puppy go on an astronaut adventure! What could be more fun than a trip to outer space!  Blast off with Pima and Pico as they head to outer space and discover the planets in our solar system.  The first book of the Pima Puppy series which aims to inspire and encourage children to read, play, dream and discover is sure to be a hit with young children everywhere.  Through Pima and Pico’s adventures children are introduced to a variety of activities and are enabled to discover more about them.  In this adventure you’ll be introduced to outer space, rocket ships and the planets!  


“Pima and Pico go into outer space!  They go into a space ship.  It blast off!  I like the pictures of the space ship, earth and planets.  The sun is creepy because it is hot.  Earth looks pretty. Neptune looks weird.  Saturn looks cute with a ring around it.  The order of the planets is Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.  They are all near the sun, but the sun is first because it is biggest and hottest.  ‘Bye-bye’ they say! ”


I loved this book!  “Astronaut Adventure: Pima and Pico Puppy” is small but packed with fun and adventure!!  Madison was very interested in the planets, our solar system and outer space.  Her future teacher will be thrilled to have a student who already knows the planets order as well as interesting facts about each.  She loves to draw the planets and has shown an increased interest in them since reading this book.  I was reminded of facts I had learned about the planets so long ago.  This book will remain on our shelf for a while to come.  “Astronaut Adventure: Pima and Pico Puppy” is well worth the money you spend.


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