The Stolen Adventure (Volume 1)

Mark Wullert
QA Productions (2012)
ISBN 9780615744407

Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 14) for Reader Views (1/ 13)

“The Stolen Adventure” by Mark Wullert is the story of Luke, an average kid who was sucked into a mysterious adventure with his siblings.  When Luke and his brothers received a package in the mail from their Uncle Al, they were very excited.  When Uncle Al sent presents, they were always good.  But little did they know that the mysterious coin from the package would start off a whole new adventure.

When Luke’s little brother and cousin were kidnapped while Luke’s parents were gone, Luke, his brother, and his cousin were determined to find them.  After hunting down the location of where the kids were being held captive, Luke and the others hatched a daring plan.  Will Luke be able to rescue the kids?

The book was more of a collection of small side plots full of antics rather than a major plot-oriented adventure.  It was also kind of hard to relate to some of the characters because things traveled a bit fast to really get to know them.  It was still overall a rather lighthearted amusing book.  

I would recommend “The Stolen Adventure” by Mark Wullert to people who like adventure stories.  This was a pretty short read but very enjoyable.  I think this would be most enjoyed by 8 to 12-year-olds. 

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