Buzz About Bees

Kari-Lynn Winters
Fitzhenry & Whiteside (2013)
ISBN 9781554552023

Reviewed by Mason (age 11) and Emilee (age 12) Summers for Reader Views (10/13)

“Buzz About Bees” by Kari-Lynn Winters is a book full of everything you would want to know about bees. Did you know that bees are so important that it is believed that,” If bees disappeared, humans would have only 4 years to live?” The author writes about early bee hunters around 13,000 BCE who were found on cave paintings demonstrating the importance of hunters who gathered honey. At the time it seemed like a very dangerous job. You learn about the differences between bees and what their jobs are in the colony. We also found out not all bees live in a colony (an estimated 97-99%) live by themselves or with just their babies. It is estimated that bees are responsible for 1/3 of our food supply. We really never looked at bees other than as an insect that makes honey and if you get it mad, it can sting you.  “Buzz About Bees” really made us look at bees in a new way and realize how important they are to us.

We liked how the author included pictures with the topics she was writing about so you could better understand it. We especially like that the author has ideas on how we can help the bees by making simple changes in our lives, like buying insecticide-free seeds so they are not toxic to the bees.  We also learned what flowers bees prefer for nourishment and as safe havens.

We really liked “Buzz About Bees” by Kari-Lynn Winters and would recommend it to anyone who loves nature and wants to take care of it. My sister and I are both home schooled and we were able to include this fun book as part of our science curriculum.

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