Timmy’s Bedtime: A Monster Bear Tale

Tim and Toni Williams
Strategic Book Group (2011)
ISBN 9781612041711

Reviewed by Eli Lugo (age 5) and Mom for Reader Views (11/11)

Eli’s Comments:

I just finished reading a book called “Timmy’s Bedtime.” It’s about a boy named Timmy and he’s afraid to go to bed. His dad tells him a story about a monster that is really a teddy bear. It is a family story because his grandpa knew it, too. Timmy got to sleep with the teddy bear and that made him feel safe. I remember when I was like Timmy but my family didn’t have a Monster Bear. We had something different.

Mom’s Comments:

“Timmy’s Bedtime” is a written short tale that takes the reader through a night of any typical child who is afraid of the dark.  The dialogue flows naturally so the reader feels as if he’s a fly on the wall listening to a father talk to his son. While a teddy bear may not do the trick for every child, many parents will be able to relate to the father’s ability to create a tale to make his child feel at peace.  The pictures are soft and pastel, as if intentionally trying to help the child’s mind ease itself of its fears. It’s wonderful to know there are publishing companies who support “Mom and Pop” authors like the Williams, who want to share their family stories with audiences. 


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