Sound of Silence: A Choice that Matters

Chris Williams
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432787653

Reviewed by Arianna Violante (18) for Reader Views (2/13)

The “Sound of Silence: A Choice that Matters” by Chris Williams is an honest story about Williams’ teenage years. Williams’ goal is to share her story and growing pains of her adolescent years. Williams is successful in describing and sharing her story. It was honest and raw, it didn’t sound preachy. 

As she tells her story you experience it with her, feeling all the things she does, but at the same time Williams and the reader look upon her experience in retrospect and with wisdom. My only complaint with Williams’ writing is that it is in the present tense, even though the reader knows that it’s all in the past. However, this is just personal preference. 

Williams’ writing is honest and sincere, an easy read and it is compelling for both parents and teens. Personally, I had an entirely different high school experience; no drugs, drinking, or sexuality. However, despite the differences in the details the emotions are the same. Williams perfectly captures the sentiment of high school through her writing and personal experiences. 

I recommend “Sound of Silence: A Choice that Matters” by Chris Williams to parents and to teens; high school is horrific for everyone, parents can gain insight and remember their time in high school, and teens can relate to something and know that they are not alone. I did not catch any editing problems; my other only complaint is that her stories sometimes are intertwined and get confusing. Maybe if it was more chronological instead of having one story cut in with another, I would have followed it better. All in all, “Sound of Silence: A Choice that Matters” by Chris Williams a great and powerful book. 

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