I Could Have Been Born an Ant

Rochelle Weiner
Xlibris (2012)
ISBN 9781469142463

Reviewed by Hailey (age 4) and Madison (age 6) and Mom Tiffany Schlarman for Reader Views (10/12)

What would it be like if you were born an ant instead of a boy or girl? What if you born a flower or a tree? How about a duck, dog, elephant, horse or giraffe?  “I Could Have Been Born an Ant” by Rochelle Weiner takes little readers on a journey through the lives of other living beings and what it would be like if they were born as that animal or plant.  Vibrant and colorful, children will have a blast discovering how other life forms live, while deciding for themselves what they would want to be if they weren’t a human.

I like it, if I was born a lion, I would ROAR, really loud!  If I were born a lion, I would have fun and eat you for dinner.  But I was born a baby girl. I have hair and a nose and a mouth and teeth and a family. I’m glad I’m not a lion.  I love it.

I could have been born a Unicorn Pegasus. Flowers are pretty. Trees are pretty; we don’t want to pick them. They are part of nature. We are children; we have families, love and blood. I liked that this book had animals.

The girls were very expressive in their voices regarding this book. Though the amount of feedback they gave me was short. For me, the book was cute and fun to read, but I haven’t found it to be one the girls ask me to read over and over. The illustrations are large and life like.  The story itself encourages imagination and understanding of other living organisms and beings.  The girls commented on their favorite animals or plants, but both were glad to be little girls instead of alternatives. 

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