The Best Bear Hugs Ever

Scott Washburn
Sensible Knowledge (2012)
ISBN 9780985514518
Reviewed by Eliana (age 2), Alyvia (age 4), Ciara (age 6) Summers and Cathleen (Mom) for Reader Views (9/13)

“The Best Bear Hugs Ever” by Scott Washburn is a father’s journey through a zoo of animals to find the best bear hugs ever. Eliana liked all the pictures of the animals and I was delighted she, at the age of 2, knew all the names as well. Alyvia and Ciara had fun guessing what animal was next based on the clues the author gave at the end of each visit he had with a particular animal. The illustrations were well done, although my kids kept asking “where is ‘Curious George?’” since the pictures resembled the “Curious George” books they love to read. 

When we were reading the story, my girls made a comment that it would have been better if a kid was going through giving the animals hugs and then to go home and hug his parents and find out those were “The Best Bear Hugs Ever.” The price was reasonable as well, costing only $14.95 which is well worth this well-constructed hard cover book. My daughter Alyvia made a comment when we were reading about the monkeys. The author wrote, “Baby monkey did not give the best bear hugs ever.” She immediately said,” Mom that probably hurt the baby monkeys feelings.” The book did keep their attention and they asked to have it read to them again.

For the younger children this is a nice picture book with a lot of detail in each picture, and most of the words are easy to sound out for the beginning reader. “The Best Bear Hugs Ever” by Scott Washburn has a lot of the sight words your child will learn in kindergarten and the story is well liked by kids ages 0 to 6.

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