The Little Dyslexic Angel

Robert Warrington
Gazebo Books (2011)
ISBN 9780984474837

Reviewed by Zoey Crane (age 7) and Nana for Reader Views (3/12)

When a new angel comes on board in “The Little Dyslexic Angel” by Robert Warrington, she learns that she has to work on the list God gave her so she can get her wings. However, she has trouble reading what God wrote - the words are jumbled. How does she learn to read and get her wings?

Zoey: I loved this story. My mom teaches dyslexic kids and they sometimes turn their letters around. I used to do that when I was first learning to read and write. But now I am better. This beautiful angel has to first learn what God is asking her to do and she doesn’t think she can do it. It hurts her feelings. The other angels all try to help her and want her to get her wings. They tell her what she should do and she tries, but it is hard and she cries. Finally, with the help of Santa she gets her letters right and can read what God wanted her to do to get her wings. Everyone is very excited. I still change some letters around like “d” and “b” but I am getting better because a teacher helped me.

Nana: Zoey has grown up with being around children who have special learning needs as her mom is a Special Education Teacher. She doesn’t see this as a problem, as she tries to help the kids in her mom’s class. “The Little Dyslexic Angel” by Robert Warrington was good for her to learn about dyslexia. She is more in tune to others in her class and what she is doing.

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