My “What If?” Book

Tonya and Chad Walker
CreateSpace (2011)
ISBN 9781477675045

Reviewed by Marten Weldon (age 7) for Reader Views (11/12)

“My ‘What If?’ Book” by Tonya and Chad Walker lets you know what you should and should not do if you are home alone and cannot find your parents.  It is also about what to do if a stranger comes around.

Most of the advice was pretty smart.  The book is a good reminder to kids about what to do if there is a stranger (get away!).  It also talks about not giving out personal information like your phone number or your address over the internet.  The one thing I really didn’t like was where it said that “adults and older kids do not need help from kids your age.”  I know that kids shouldn’t help a stranger find a lost pet or anything like that, but kids CAN help adults with lots of things.  So I think the author was kind of unfair.

I didn’t like the pictures very much because it shows you (the kid) as a weird person (sometimes green, sometimes with cat ears) and everybody else as a more normal person.  Some of the people you should go to for help look pretty scary, too, like the lady with the square yellow face.  The type is weird, too, and can be kind of hard to read.

“My ‘What If?’ Book” by Tonya and Chad Walker is a pretty good book for most kids age four and up to read with their parents.  Younger kids could read it with their parents, too, but they should never really be away from their parents. 

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