Mosquito County

Lucinda Waldron
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2014)
ISBN 9781478737643
Reviewed by Arianna Violante (age 20) for Reader Views (02/15)

“Mosquito County” by Lucinda Waldron starts with 18 year old Emma leaving Boston without telling anyone except her best friend Sara, as per her father orders. After her mother died, her father began behaving weird until he finally decided to send Emma to live on his ranch located in the middle of the Cypress trees (which are my favorite tree) in Florida. Actually Mosquito County is currently Orange County, which I also love! At this point we don’t know why her father wants her out of Boston but later on a family secret within the plot will unravel. In the meantime, Emma is mesmerized by the trees, and horseback riding until she begins to feel that someone is watching her from behind the same beautiful trees she loves. In fact, what before felt like peacefulness, started to feel like isolation. Was it because of all the native legends or was there something or someone out to get her? You need to read it to find out! In the meantime I will tell you that she does meet a hot guy, Kip, and there is romance in the air!

The author did an awesome job keeping me interested in the story. She moved the story along with each chapter, which made this move fast, and made it almost impossible to put down. It had the right amount of intrigue and romance so it didn’t felt like overloaded with love scenes. I also liked how she described that part of Florida and its scenery because, like she said, a lot of people think it is all alligators and swamps, and that is not true. I liked that Emma had the personality of a rebellious 18 year old, almost tomboy-like, and not the proper Bostonian lady type of manners. That made me like and relate to her story.

"Mosquito County” by Lucinda Waldron is the perfect romantic adventure for young adults with a touch of historical fiction. Not boring like many historical fiction romances, on the contrary, it is fast paced and intriguing.  It will captivate the young adult audience from start to finish!

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