Tuma: The Tribe's Little Princess

Susan Violante
I Have Something To Say Press (2014)
ISBN 9780985430801
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 7) for Reader Views Kids (02/15)

 “Tuma: The Tribe's Little Princess” by Susan Violante is about a princess of the Guajiran Tribe and her friend Loro the Parrot. Ms. Violante described the Tribe and their nation. They live in Maracaibo – Venezuela, and my Mommy is from there. She knows many Guajiran and said that what the book said about their life is true. My Mommy also has the stone they though was magical. But it is not. It is very pretty and I like how it looks in Mommy’s jewelry, but Tuma found out when she traveled with Loro that it has no magic. The magic her Tribe see every day comes from Mother Nature.

I loved Loro, he flew very high and I had fun when Mommy did her parrot voice when we were reading together. I also liked the pictures. Tuma and Loro are very cute!

“Tuma: The Tribe's Little Princess” by Susan Violante is a great book for little kids and older kids that like picture books. It is my favorite, and I like reading it over and over with my parrot voice!

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