Anita Turnage
Halo Publishing International (2014)
ISBN 9781612442266
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 7) for Reader Views (10/14)

“Hops” by Anita Turnage is a story about Haden, a boy who loved to catch bugs. He always went to Nana T to help her in her garden and look for new adventures at her house. One day he went by Nana T’s house and she was pulling some weeds and they saw this cute little frog with a bright green color. They were staying very still so he wouldn’t get scared. Haden was very excited about the froggy and tried to be at Nana T’s house almost every day to spend time playing. One afternoon he couldn’t go, and Nana T called to give Haden a report of the froggy, and ask him for a name and he chose Hops!  So Hops and Haden spent all summer playing and even saw how he was in the window glass and saw how bugs will be close to him and he pulled a long tongue to grab them and eat them. In the winter time they went out to look for bugs and did not see any and Haden was surprised that he saw Hops inside a hole in the brick and his color was not green any more, Nana T explained that in the winter they change color to protect themselves. Haden loved all the new things he learned about frogs and was very happy to have a friend.

“Hops” by Anita Turnage is a cute story. It is nice how Haden and Nana T could share new adventures and learn about frogs, what they eat and where they live in the winter time. I liked how at the end of the story you can learn more fun things about frogs.