Grumpy: The Great Blue Heron

Anita Turnage
Halo Publishing International (2015)
ISBN 9781612442822
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 7) for Reader Views (11/14)

“Grumpy: The Great Blue Heron” by Anita Turnage is another story of Nana T and her grandchildren, Haden and Ella. This time they were going to the beach and on their way to the beach Haden wanted to check on the blue heron that lived under the bridge. Closer to the bridge Ella started pointing to where the big bird lived. The car stopped so that they could see but the bird didn’t like all the noise and flew to another tree.

 Little Ella was enjoying the trip and counting all the birds they saw until they got to the beach. There, they had a good time looking at starfish and picking up shells. They chased seagulls, crabs, and all that they saw. They got tired and went back home and stopped again on the bridge. Haden asked Nana T why they didn’t see the blue heron on the beach, and Nana T told him they would read their bird book to see. The bird was on the same place but this time he was eating something and you could see how the fish was in his neck and then he swallowed it.  It was incredible what he saw. The bird squawked again letting all know he was not happy to be bothered. They left and at home they read the bird book and found out that blue heron like to fish in waters that are not too deep that is why there were no blue heron at the beach.  The next day they went back to the bridge to check on him, and again the blue heron was not happy. So Haden thought to put a name to the blue heron, since every time they saw him he seemed grumpy, that the perfect name for him would be Grumpy.

“Grumpy, The Great Blue Heron” by Anita Turnage is a super cute story and at the end you can learn even more about this bird that gets Grumpy when he is bothered.