My Pack: Burney the Hollywood Puppy

Walter F. Todd
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478705765
Reviewed by Katarina Askew (age 9) for Reader Views (02/14)

“My Pack: Burney the Hollywood Puppy” by Walter F. Todd is about a little Shih Tzu puppy by the name of Burney. Burney has lots of fun, but he get in trouble often. He often barks at the bigger dogs. Burney also is a hero, but that we will get to later.

I think Walter F. Todd did an amazing job. Walter F. Todd is an amazing writer. I could read his books all day. I want to own lots of police dogs, but it sounds like Shih Tzu’s are easier to keep than bigger dogs. Being an actress and owner of the little Shih Tzu puppy, Stacey has a lot of work to do. Loki did a good job on the pictures and photos. I really like them.

I would give this book five stars. I hope everyone loves this book because this is a book lover’s book. Burney finds a mystery bone on the ground at the zoo. He goes to see the police. I hope my friends like this story. This is an amazing story that was published in 2013. I never took my eyes off it.

I love all kinds of books, but I think “My Pack: Burney the Hollywood Puppy” by Walter F. Todd is the best book ever made. It is a short eighteen chapter book. This book is for beginners but I felt that even an adult would laugh, smile, and cheer just like me. I would read this book every day. I wish the author luck. I just love this book.

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