Pumpkin Trouble

Jan Thomas
HarperCollins (2011)
ISBN 97800616928401

Reviewed by Madison (age 5) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (8/11)


Duck is ready to carve his pumpkin!  In fact, he can’t wait to show Pig and Mouse!  Once he cleans his pumpkin out he can begin to carve his jack-o-lantern!  Before he carves, Duck has an accident.  His silly accident scares Pig and Mouse, who think Duck is a pumpkin monster!  In fact, duck is scared too!  This funny book will have parents and toddlers laughing at silly duck and his accident-prone nature.  It’s a fun and unique fall read for all to enjoy.

Madison’s Thoughts:

“Duck was trying to carve a pumpkin.  Duck fell in.  Pig and Mouse ran because they thought duck was the pumpkin monster.  They ran behind the barn and then smash!  Duck was out.  He crashed because he was in the pumpkin and couldn’t see it.  Pig and Mouse said ‘Duck?’ you smashed the pumpkin monster!  Duck carved a pumpkin again and fell in the pumpkin, again!  I liked it.  It was funny!  It was spooky!”

Mom’s Thoughts:

What a wonderfully creative book!  “Pumpkin Trouble” reminds me of “Don’t Let the Chicken Drive the Bus,” but I liked this one better!  The story is told in clear concise wording within thought bubbles.  The illustrations go along with the wording.  Though it is written in thought bubbles, it reads like a story.  Thought bubbles are hard to understand for children ages 2-5 and I rarely feel that they are well done.  This book was different.  It surprised me in a positive way.  I found myself laughing right along with the kids.  We really enjoy reading this “spooky” book.  It is not actually scary due to it humor and gentle nature.  This is great for my kids who, like most their age, scare easily.  I would recommend this book for children ages 2-5 and highly recommend it for the upcoming fall season.  “Pumpkin Trouble” doesn’t disappoint.


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