Noah Buddies, The Story

Janet Thomas
Crossbooks (2011)
ISBN 9781615077090

Reviewed by Cayden (age 6) and Max (age 4) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (10/11)

Cayden’s comments:  

“This book told the story of Noah’s Ark.  We have read lots of Noah’s Ark books before so I knew what the story was going to be and this one was the same.  God has Noah build an ark and take two of each kind of animal to put on it.  Then it rains for 40 days and 40 nights.  Then he sends a bird out and it comes back with a branch.  That is how he knows there is land because things are growing.  

I liked the pictures in the book.  They used lots of colors.  Some of the animals looked kind of weird.  There was a pink giraffe, a red horse, and a blue bunny.  That was pretty funny.  

The part at the end of the book had the Bible verses that the story was about and then had some words that were in the story and what they meant.  One of them it said was that ‘buddies’ were Noah’s friends that were animals.”

Max’s comments:

“I know this story too.  This was the Noah’s Ark story.  I liked the animals.  They were funny colors.  Those aren’t the colors animals are normally.  That was my favorite picture, the one with all of the animals.  I liked the end when there was a rainbow and God said he wasn’t going to flood the earth anymore too.  I don’t think it was nice when the other people were laughing at Noah for building the ark.  They were laughing at him because they didn’t think it would rain but it did.”      
Parent’s comments:

In “Noah Buddies, The Story,” Thomas takes the classic Noah’s Ark Bible story and writes it in a manner that is easy for a young audience to understand and to enjoy.  The bright, colorful illustrations are especially appealing to young children.  Following the story, Thomas lists the applicable Bible verses, defines words used in the story, and has a reflection section.  I think that “Noah Buddies, The Story” would be a great choice for an infant-preschool age child to teach them the all important story of Noah’s Ark.  The vibrant illustrations are sure to grab and hold a little one’s attention.


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