The Sad Tree and Pronuba

Christina Steiner
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2013)
ISBN 9781432798932
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 7) for Reader Views (11/14)

“The Sad Tree and Pronuba” by Christina Steiner is a story about a sad tree, named Joshua. He was alone in the desert without any other trees. One day he asked the moon, stars and wind to help him see what was at the other side of the rock; but nobody could help. When spring came Joshua’s flowers bloomed and a tiny insect landed on one of them, it was very happy to see so many pretty flowers. Joshua was glad to have company and asked her name.  “I am Pronuba, the moth, but why you look so sad?”  Joshua responded that he was sad because he was rooted to the ground and could not walk. Pronuba told him she was looking for a home to lay her eggs and asked him if she could lay her eggs inside the flowers. Joshua was glad to help and Pronuba in return wanted to help him. She laid her eggs and when she was leaving she thought helping him by flying to the other side. She found a tree, she came back with the news and Joshua was very, very happy to know that there was another tree like him.

Pronuba brought back some seeds as a gift to Joshua and she returned some of her pollen to him. Pronuba was very busy flying back to one side of the rock and the other. One night Pronuba didn’t return and he was sad but got busy taking care of her eggs. Some time passed and one morning there was a lot of movement inside the pod. He heard giggles, the eggs had hatched. They had some seeds to eat and got out the pod and they all crawled down his trunk to rest in the sand, saying thanks and goodbye to him.

Soon the pod broke from his branch and the wind blew all the seeds all over the ground. Another branch grew on Joshua. He was happy waiting for spring to come so he could see his friend again. But Pronuba didn’t come, it was her children. Joshua bloomed and little Pronubas were bringing and taking presents from both trees. A few years later little baby trees were growing from the sand and they looked just like Joshua.  Joshua was never sad again and was very thankful to Pronuba, the wind, the stars and the moon for it.

“The Sad Tree and Pronuba” by Christina Steiner is a very nice story of how a little insect and a big tree could help each other like good friends. Just a little help made the big tree happy forever.

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