Atlantis: Fall of the Gods (Volume 2, Atlantis Trilogy)

David Speight 
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN 9781481810159

Reviewed by Ben Weldon (age 14) for Reader Views (1/ 13)

“Atlantis: Fall of the Gods” by David Speight is the story of Aedon, a prince of Atlantis.  As Aedon’s friend and fellow prince Faeraud is possessed and falls towards the dark side, Aedon must remain strong and protect Atlantis from the gathering darkness.  The book is full of difficult choices that Aedon must make to protect the realm.  Tempted with offers of power and recognition, Aedon must realize the truth before it is too late to save the Asterian moon and its inhabitants.  Will Aedon be able to avert this impending catastrophe?  

During the time in which the book takes place, the ancient race of humans is highly technologically advanced and has a vastly extended life span.  Also, for the most part, animals are intelligent and can talk.  Earth also has a second moon called Asteria that is home to the advanced race of people known as the Asterians.  The Asterians are a civilized race living on their moon and are a large part of Atlantean society.  Little does anyone know that they will soon be the target of a catastrophic attack. . .

The book had a lot of simultaneous storylines and could be a little confusing.  The book started off fast and didn’t really introduce the reader to the characters very well.  

There is definitely some Christian symbolism in this book, but I think it would still appeal equally to Christians or non-Christians.  The author claims that many of the elements of the book are taken from the Bible, history, legends, and various archeological finding.  It is not, however, an educational book but pure, far-fetched fantasy.

I would recommend “Atlantis: Fall of the Gods” by David Speight to people who like fantasy.  Overall the book was entertaining, but at times it seemed as if the author was trying to have too many individual plotlines running at once.  It was a fun, if a little tedious, read.  This was the second book in a series, and I would recommend that readers start with the first book.

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