The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: Trouble Down Under

Chrysa Smith
The Well Bred Book (2012)
ISBN 9780615657202

Reviewed by Katarina Askew (age 8) for Reader Views (7/13)

The main characters in the book “The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: Trouble Down Under” are poodles. The characters are based on real poodles.   Their names are Bobby, Woody, Archie, and Daisy. The poodles went into a Groundhog’s hole. The book is about Groundhog’s Day.  Bobby, one of the poodles, wanted to catch the groundhog. He wanted the groundhog to see his shadow. He didn’t want to mess up the garden. Bobby got lost and the other poodles had to come find him. I think Chrysa Smith, the author, did a really good job carrying out the plot of the book. Chrysa Smith wrote very well and the book was easy to understand. I also liked the illustrations in this book. The one I liked most was the one on the cover. I like illustrations that are in color the most. 

I think this book would appeal mostly to animal lovers. The cover says the book is written for 2-4 graders, but I think 1st graders would like it too. I have dogs too. My dogs get into trouble sometimes from their adventures; my big dog pulls me around and our little dog bit our big dog one time.  My dog Dragon and I go on adventures in the backyard together. My overall opinion of the book is that it is great and I think she should write more and more of the books about the Poodle Posse; like 135 them. 

My favorite part was when they went down into the groundhog’s hole. I liked that part because they find the groundhog and they find their friend Bobby.  I also liked the man in the tall hat on the cover. I really liked that there were activities at the end of the story. I wish more books came with activities; I think all of them should. I think “The Adventures of the Poodle Posse: Trouble Down Under” by Chrysa Smith is good like it is, it doesn’t need any changes. I really like reading books about animals, so this book was really good to me.  I look forward to reading more books about the poodles from the Poodle Posse!

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