My Partner the Ghost

Lisa Schmid
Publish Green (2014)
Reviewed by Arianna Violante (age 20) for Reader Views (12/14)

I know I am a little too old for “My Partner the Ghost” by Lisa Schmid, but I couldn’t help myself when I read what it was about, because I love weird families (I have one) and ghosts! Anyway, I must say that I found this book to be hilarious and enjoyable for the older crowd and not just young readers! The story is about Oliver (Ollie), his little sister Samantha (SaMe), and their mom. They are not your typical family. Mom is an actress and her husband, who used to be a stuntman, died. So, as a single parent family they have to constantly move where ever the acting jobs are located. In the beginning of the story they arrive to their new home, a pink house on Persimmon Street across the street from a gray house with a sign that read “Miss Fanny – World- Famous Psychic.” This is something that an eleven year old boy will not thrilled about, especially when he is the new kid on the block and in school. To make things creepier, Ollie will also meet the weirdest roommate ever, later that night as he wakes up to see a boy about his age swinging on the front yard swing that hangs from the lemon tree.  Before Ollie can do anything, the boy vanishes. As the story goes, that boy is a ghost.

Schmid, is an awesome writer. Her character development is filled with picturesque personality traits, sarcasm, and a unique voice. Dialogues not only move the story forward and draw the reader in, but are also credible to each character, painting a clear vision of the entire setting as well as the character within the reader’s mind. I found the story to flow uninterrupted from paragraph to paragraph, page after page which is testament of the author’s skill.

“My Partner the Ghost” by Lisa Schmid is in my opinion, a five star read for young readers which will also captivate older ones who are young at heart and enjoy adventures with ghosts!