Not a Doctor Logan’s Divorce Book

Sydney Salter
Character Publishing (2014)
ISBN 9780989079754
Reviewed by Arianna Violante (age 20) for Reader Views (02/15)

I must admit that didn’t understand what the title was about when I first came across “Not a Doctor Logan’s Divorce Book” by Sydney Salter but once I began reading the first chapter, it not only made sense, it was actually the title I would have picked myself had I been the author! The story is narrated by a twelve year old girl named Logan, who is having a hard time dealing with her parent’s divorce. The day she found out about it, she also heard about Dr. Donna for the first time, as her parents search for the best way to help their daughter cope with the announcement. After the announcement her father was substituted by Dr. Donna’s quotes posted notes as he moved out of the house and her Mom tried to get on with her life. At that point Logan begins writing her own divorce book, recording her own thoughts and experiences on the subject.

Although the subject of divorce has been played out in so many self-help books, I found this one to be very refreshing, especially for the young readers who are coping with the same life changing event. My parents are still married, but 99% of my friends have had to deal with divorce, some even more than once, and so it is, and will always be a current issue. Salter tackles the topic with humor through Logan’s point of view and pre-teen personality, which is awesome as I know by watching some of my friends that divorce can be traumatizing. I also loved the illustrations and book formatting, both perfect for young readers. One aspect of the book that I really like is that we got to see how Logan’s mom dealt with the life changes divorce brought, as well as her emotional process through Logan’s perspective.

In all, “Not a Doctor Logan’s Divorce Book” by Sydney Salter is divorce book with a very unique presentation which will take the young readers through the recovery process from their own perspective, in a language that they will not only understand, but be able to relate. Definitely recommend it as a must read!

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