Little Bea and the Snowy Day

Daniel Roode
Greenwillow Books (2011)
ISBN 9780061993954

Reviewed by Madison (age 5) and Hailey (age3) Schlarman and Mom for Reader Views (2/12)

Play in the snow with Little Bea and her friends!  There’s a lot to do on a snowy day!  Little Bea and her friends go outside to play!  In the cold, they discover a winter wonderland of fun and games.  While sledding, snowball fights and snowmen are fun; the friends discover how tricky other games become when you play in the snow! Of course, making snow angels are a must! When they are too cold to play anymore, the friends warm up with hot chocolate!  It’s the perfect snowy day.


“Little Bea and her friends play and make stuff in the snow.  Her friends make a friend and help little bunny feel better. They made snowflakes, they had a snowball fight, and they played hide and seek.  I liked about it, that little Bea and her friends drank hot cocoa!”


“They drink hot chocolate.  They play with bunny.  They went outside to play in the snow.  I like to play in the snow!  They play hide and seek.  I can see the reindeer.  They make snow angels and they ride down, down the hill.  Duck reindeer and squirrel on a sled.  They ice skate.  It’s my favorite, I like it.  I like all of it!  My friends will like it.”


Hailey loved this book!  She took “Little Bea and the Snowy Day” to bed with her each night and asked to read it constantly.  The words are easy enough for Madison to read herself.  It’s great to see her putting her reading skills to use.  I enjoyed this snow day book.  I felt it accurately depicted the activities that take place when little ones head outside to play on a wintery day.  The use of animal characters instead of children is a unique twist, but also fun!  After all, who says woodland creatures don’t play in the snow?  The illustrations are vivid and exciting.  There is just enough going on to clearly depict the story to children who can’t read, without distracting the reader.  I enjoyed “Little Bea and the Snowy Day" and would recommend it to other parents.  Hailey certainly has been recommending it to all her friends and family.


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