If You Were Me and Lived in Greece

Carole P. Roman 
CreateSpace (2014) 
ISBN 9781497526181
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 7) for Reader Views (02/15)

Paola: I enjoyed learning how to say Greek words and even wanted to try the food reading “If You Were Me and Lived in Greece” by Carole P. Roman! I like how I learned how to say mom and dad in Greek, and the book also taught me how to say grandma, grandpa, and school in Greek. This was fun because I don’t have any friends from Greece.

Mom: “If You Were Me and Lived in Greece” by Carole P. Roman is a fun, and easy book for children, one that will build on their tolerance and curiosity for other cultures and countries. Framing a country’s culture through the experiences of their children is a creative and innocent way of exploring and introducing your children to different cultures. Parents will learn a lot themselves and can start a conversation with their children about the world and history. The Greece edition of this series offered interesting facts about the Olympics, the Pantheon, and Greek words!

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