The Klampie Mystery

Luis Rodriguez
Mascot Books (2012)
ISBN 9781620860311

Reviewed by Cayden Aures (age 7.5) for Reader Views (5/12)

“The Klampie Mystery” by Luis Rodriguez is about when Samantha Parker’s parents told her that they were going to go to Australia for Christmas.  Her dad bought her a koala stuffed animal that is the same size as a real koala bear.  She named it Klampie.  Her dad did this because he wanted her to be excited about going to Australia.  They got on the plane to go to Australia one week before Christmas.  It was a very long trip because it takes 15 hours to fly to Australia from California.  They did lots of fun things on the plane.

When they got to the airport in Australia, the Parkers that lived in Australia were happy to see them.  At the same time, a koala climbed up a tree, and fell asleep.  The tree was cut down, and he got put on a truck.  The koala jumped into the Parker’s car at the gas station and saw Samatha’s koala.  He thought it was real and shook it, and it fell under the seat.  Then he clamped on to her backpack and she thought that he was Klampie.  She thinks that the real koala is Klampie for most of the book.   It is called “The Klampie Mystery” because the mystery is how Klampie turned into a real koala. 

I learned a lot about Australia in the book.  I learned that when it is winter in America, it is summer in Australia.  I also learned that a “barbie” in Australia is a barbeque.   I learned that it is a different time there than it is here too.

My favorite part is the ending, but I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone else, so you will have to read “The Klampie Mystery” by Luis Rodriguez yourself to find out.   My favorite illustration is the last page of the book too.  This is a good book!


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