A Terrier’s Tale

Karen J. Roberts
Create Space (2014)
ISBN 9781500122034
Reviewed by Paola Belloso (age 7) For Reader Views (11/14)


“A Terrier’s Tale” by Karen J. Roberts is the story of a dog whose life changes one day and he ends up in a shelter. It was very sad for Ritz to be in a cage with two other dogs and sleeping on the cold floor. It had been a lot of days in the shelter and many families visited to adopt a pet but he was not lucky and always had to return sad to the cage. He was the cage all day and only went out two times a day.

 One night he was dreaming and wished for a life as a cowboy dog on a cowboy ranch and the next morning he heard the click of boots and started barking so they could hear him and see him. But they went to another cage and got out another dog and went outside. He was barking and barking, and another worker from the shelter took him outside. He looked for the cowboy man and started to jump, trot around him so that he would like him. Ritz did not want to stay any longer in the place and tried his best to win the cowboy’s attention. When he was sent back to the cage he was very sad about it, he did not know what else to do.  Then he heard the click of the boots again and this time they stopped at his cage.  The cowboy adopted both Rose and him. They were on their way to the ranch and Ritz was so happy and so was Rose. When they got there, they met Nancy his wife and Rocco their dog, it seemed that everybody was happy with each other. Geoff told her the story of them and told her the name he liked for him. It was Tucker and she chose Athena for Rose. Then he surprised Nancy also with a cat and they named her Maddie. After this the three dogs were running around playing and enjoying the grass and exploring all the ranch and Tucker stopped.  A big rooster was looking at him, and Tucker bounced back and the rooster flapped his wings.

 Tucker was in the middle of all the hens and he was protecting them. He ran back and he found this big pig, but the pig just turned around. Later he knew that the rooster’s name was “Butch Cassidy” and the pig’s name was Pearl. Close by was a small pond and he met Dale and Don, two tall and beautiful geese. His favorite animal was Willy, Geoff’s horse, and Tucker rode with him to see the rest of the barn. He met three cows, Connie, Angie and Lucy, and three donkeys, Lilac, Lily and Lavender. Tucker was so happy to meet so many animals that were going to be his friends. At the end of the day Tucker was tired but very happy. This morning he was sleeping in a cage on the cement and tonight he was in a cozy house enjoying his new life as a cowboy dog with so many new friends and a new family.

 I liked “A Terrier’s Tale” by Karen J. Roberts very much. I love animals and it is a real story of how Geoff and Nancy his wife adopted so many animals and had them in their ranch taking care of them and enjoying them but the best part was that they loved them.

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